We are now at a stage where biological advancements meet technology
Your body is constantly giving off signals in response to different stressors
What if we told you that there is now a way to monitor your own gynaecological health

1At Syrona Women, we look to create a community of women who look after their own reproductive health

We are currently developing a product which can help you take control of your health by alerting you of potential 
Sexually Transmitted Diseases , endometriosis and Gynecological Cancers in the privacy of your own home

Syrona,  a product for women by women

Syrona Women is led by a team of passionate Female Entrepreneurs from Cambridge University who are looking to empower women across generations

Chantelle Bell


Anya Roy


Giani Varea


 Successes to Date

Finalists at the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs £5k Ideas Take Flight Competition

Currently on the Danish Accelerator -  Accelerace

Regional Finalists of the Innovation Forum IMAGINE IF Competition

Finalist at Pitch@Palace 8.0

Finalist at Cambridge Wireless 2017

Finalist at NACUE Tata Disruptive Business of the Year

Lets's fight gynaecological cancers, STDs and endometriosis through early detection

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